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Course description


The tradition of the International Summer course of Encounter dates back to 1996 when it took place for the first time in Czech town Slavonice. It became a popular event for the summer encounters of music and dance pedagogues from Central and Eastern European countries since the beginning.

In past years the course was organized by several European countries as Ukraine (2019), Hungary (2018) and Slovakia (2017). And it is coming back again in the Czech Republic in 2020. Yearly changing of topics builds the bridge between Elemental Music and Dance Education and the Arts. This time the course focuses on the music and dancing inspired by folk tradition, culture, and wine tradition. These values have always been the vivid qualities of the region and have been providing a unique spirit of the place till nowadays. Teachers with special emphasis on the Orff-Pedagogy will create exciting opportunities to put these topics in an elemental and holistic context and demonstrate a different experience-oriented playful way for its mediation throughout all age groups.

The topic „Traditional ways & New visions“  is inspired by connecting by the interconnection of proven paths and new visions in the spirit of Orff Schulwerk's ideas. Based on his so-called “classics”, the participants are introduced to new didactic models emphasizing the creative expression of thoughts, experiences and emotions by music, movement and word. The course introduces the tradition of folk music and dance as well as the tradition of dance and music in the context of world history and contemporary art. The famous wine region of Mikulov is located near four countries and historically it was an important commercial crossroad. By the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, this tradition was renewed and Mikulov became a meeting place for many nations. From this point of view, Mikulov is an ideal inspiration for shaping new visions of the European community, strengthening education for multiculturalism and building a cultural subconscious of each of us. In 2020 we celebrate the 125th anniversary of birth of Carl Orff (1895 1982), 70 years of the first workbook of  Orff Schulwerk „Musik für Kinder I-V“ (Orff, Keetmann, 1950 – 1954) and additionally 51 years after the birth of its application in the Czech environment – „Czech Orff Schulwerk I-IV“ (Hurník, Eben, Jurkovič, 1969 - 1996). 

The accompanying cultural program of the course consists of Moravian and Austrian folk music. Each day begins with a joint warm-up, after which the participants are divided into three working groups. In the afternoon we offer studios, project work or a trip to the well-known Lednice-Valtice area for an additional fee. The evening ends together again. Lovers of evening entertainment will appreciate the hospitable atmosphere of family wine cellars.


Course coordinator: Jitka Kopřivová

Course organisation: Jan Lála, Kateřina Dvorská, Lenka Pospíšilová

Course founders: Coloman Kallós, Hana Weihs (Kallós)

This International Master Class Course of Encounter 2020 is carried out in cooperation with the Czech Orff Society, Mikulov Castle, and Tamburína s.r.o. The course is supported by Carl Orff Foundation


You can find the pre-updated schedule here: schedule

Registration online

The online registration form is available from March 1st, 2020 till June 30th, 2020.

Registration for the course and booking accommodation is done separately. Dining and airport transfers are ordered with course registration.

Course fee: 390 €

Registration form here: Registration form

Registration for participants from Czech republic through the on-line application system on www.orff.cz. More informations here: informace k registaci českých účastníků

Cancellation policy:

Taking into account the global coronavirus situation, we are updating the cancellation policy since 7 March 2020 for canceling the course or canceling the course for the newly registered participants as follows:  

 -check-out until the 7th day after the course registration -> without cancellation fee
- check out from the 8th day after the course registration until 20/6-> cancellation fee 50 Euro
- check out by 10/7-> 50% of the course fee
- check out after 10 / 7-> full cancellation fee

Grants for European teachers about Erasmus+ Program (School Education Staff Mobility KA101)

Grants from Carl Orff Foundation are avaible for participants from Central and East Europe. Requests for grants contraining a motivation letter and structured CV plese send to e-mail mikulov@isce.cz or fill in this form here: application for partial scholarship

Please bring suitable clothing and shoes for movement sessions. No video or audio recording is allowed. Participants will receive a certificate confirming attendance and the amount of the paid fee at the end of the course. Each participant is responsible for his/ her medical and accident insurance. We recommend to take out travel insurance for unforeseen situations.


We offer accommodation of three categories (from 25 € to 68 € per night) at the hotels near Mikulov Castle. Order in our e-shop (reservation only, without payment), based on your booking details you will receive an invoice via e-mail. E-shop can be found in the main menu or via this link: Accomodation reservation - Rezervace ubytování